fetal doppler troubleshooting


Huntleigh D920/FD1+ Fetal Doppler:

 Unit will not turn on
Check battery

Unit turns on but no sound
Headphones and audio cord interrupt speakers

Inaccurate Heart Rate
Fetus is too young
Calculating maternal heart rate
Ensure by manually counting heart rate

Inadequate use of ultrasound gel, use liberally
Interference from other equipment
Reduce volume level
Not using ultrasonic gel, any oil based product will harm probe face. Use ultrasonic gel only.

Battery symbol appears
Replace battery

Heart symbol appears
Unit calculating fetal heart rate

Unit automatically shuts off
Unit has not been in use for 1-5 minutes
Fetus is too young


For Viasys/Nicolet/Imex Fetal Dopplers:

Unit will not turn on
Battery is dead

Unit is on but no audio signal is present
Headphones interrupt the internal speakers
Probe not plugged in

Use an ample supply of ultrasonic gel. Hold the probe steady once a signal has been detected.
Some coupling agents such as baby oil and hand lotions cause extreme static and can damage the sensitive transducer. Use only ultrasonic gel.
Reduce the volume level.

LED is red
Battery is OK
Probe is unplugged
Probe cable is defective

LED flashes
Battery is low
Probe is unplugged
Probe cable is defective

Weak or no fetal signal
Fetus is too young
When in the presence of radio frequency interference, blood flow sounds may become diminished.


Summit/LifeDop Fetal Doppler:

 Poor sound quality
Inadequate ultrasound gel use.
Relocate the probe for a better signal
Interference from other equipment

Heart Rate inaccurate
Relocate the probe for a better signal
Ensure maternal sounds are not mixing w/fetal sounds
Ensure by manually counting that the rate is between 50-210BPM

Battery indicator flashing
Replace batteries

Probe frequency 0.0
No probe is attached
Probe is attached, contact Summit

Probe frequency does not match the connected probe
Check probe that is attached to ensure it is the correct one
If correct, contact Summit

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