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Huntleigh D920

Suggested Retail Price $550

The D920 is the non-digital model in Huntleighs Audio Dopplex line of fetal dopplers. This unit has a small LCD screen but don't be fooled this does not display the heart rate. The screen is to simply display the low battery indicator. This fetal heartbeat doppler also comes with a permanently attached 2MHz waterproof probe. Huntleigh is the only manufacturer that includes the waterproof probe standard on its fetal heartbeat dopplers. Other manufacturers charge upwards of $200 or more this feature.

Again, we tested this fetal heartbeat doppler beginning at 8 weeks into pregnancy and were successful in finding the fetal heart rate a large percentage of the time. Remember, however, that we have much experience in using fetal heartbeat dopplers and have better luck in finding the fetal heartbeat earlier in pregnancy than most. Experience helps but in the end finding the heartbeat this early in pregnancy has everything to do with both the patient and experience. As pregnancy progresses and fetal growth occurs it will become easier and easier to locate the heartbeat. The D920 fetal heartbeat doppler,even without the digital display, is an exceptional unit and performed flawlessly at all stages of pregnancy. We really couldn't believe how sensitive the probe was. Typically, the higher the sensitivity the more static that is created. Huntleigh has done very well in coupling probe sensitivity with its static reducing technology, an industry leader, no doubt. We gave the D920 fetal heartbeat doppler a score of 10 out of a possible 10.


The D920 fetal heartbeat doppler is made of a three piece casing of ABS polycarbonate alloy (front, back, and battery cover). We found the overall design of the unit to be very pleasing and easy to use. The transducer fits securely into its recessed housing and is easy to extract. When the probe is put away the unit is very compact and much less cumbersome than other doppler models from Nicolet and Summit . Holes in the front cover resemble buttons and work very well to protect the speaker and allow the sound to resonate. The volume control found on the side of the fetal heartbeat doppler has a great range and is easy to adjust with a free finger while in use. The power button on the front lower left is large and makes turning the unit on & off a breeze.


Note worthy features of the current production of the D920 fetal heartbeat doppler are its standard waterproof probe which is very useful for water births. The D920 is the only doppler on the market to offer this as a standard feature. The D920 has a low battery indicator which appears in the shape of a battery on its small digital display when battery needs replacing. An automatic shut-off function comes in very handy for battery preservation. After one minute of no signal or 5 minutes continuous operation the unit automatically shuts down. The standard headphone jack found on the left side of the fetal heartbeat doppler can be used for connection to a tape recorder or battery powered laptop computer for recording the Doppler audio signal.


This fetal heartbeat doppler has a 2 year warranty on parts exclusive of cables and crystals which are 1 year.

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