buy or rent fetal doppler?
Tips for Choosing a Fetal Doppler Rental Company

Look at the website in great detail before you choose a fetal doppler rental company.

Check that the fetal doppler rental conforms to safety standards and is FDA approved.

Consult with your physician before you rent a fetal doppler.

Review the fetal doppler rental agreement

Be sure to read and understand the return policy before renting a doppler.

Does the company offer fetal doppler rental insurance?

Compare prices and offers as there are many different deals, for example, some include batteries, gel, and free shipping other's don't. Be conscious of quality versus price. Some fetal dopplers are better by leaps and bounds than others.

Make sure there are instructions for use and advice on how to interpret what you are hearing.

Find out how soon your order will ship. Some companies don't ship for 2-3 business days after they receive your order.

Fetal doppler rentals with 2mghz probes are best. Be sure to ask if they offer 2mghz probes.

If you're buying, be sure to inquire about the fetal dopplers warranty

Take into consideration how long you'll need your fetal doppler and if your done having children or just getting started.

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